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The Besties 63 - The Last of Russ

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It's possible you've never noticed this odd bit of Besties trivia.

Each week, we invite a new clone of the original Russ Frushtick to discuss the week's best things. The new clone is cloned from the previous week's clone, Multiplicity style. Surely, you've assumed as much. The strange characters. The shrill introduction. The clues have been on the proverbial bottom of the mug all along.

This week, we invited the 63rd member of the Frushtick bloodline to discuss Rogue Legacy. After the podcast, we repeated the weekly chore, locking the clone in a tank full of water and filing that tank into the back of a theater alongside its 62 brothers. This will be the last of Russ.

Join us next week when the original Russ Frushtick returns to the show for the first time since episode one!

Theme song by Ian Dorsch

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