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Machinima goes live-action with fan film Fallout: Nuka Break - Red Star

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Machinima has begun its foray into live-action film work with Red Star, a standalone entry in the Fallout fan film series Nuka Break.

Set between the original Nuka Break fan film and its followup miniseries, Red Star follows the weary Ranger as he is chased out of his latest home after a confrontation with bandits after his valuable caps. According to Machinima, it's the first live-action Fallout fan film to feature a Super Mutant character. Produced by Wayside Creations, Red Star was the official jury selection of Machinima's International Film Festival.

Red Star kicks off a summer of live-action fan films from Machinima focusing on games like Half-Life, Minecraft and League of Legends. The short films will premiere on Fridays, with the League fan film scheduled for July 26 and the Minecraft short scheduled for August 2.