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New console pre-order window closing tight

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As retailers around the U.S. close down their pre-order programs for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the opportunity to secure a launch day console are diminishing to zero.

Last week GameStop closed down its PlayStation 4 pre-order campaign, both in-store and online. Back in June, the company stopped taking pre-orders for Xbox One from its stores, although, until recently, it was still possible to order an Xbox One online, for in-store pick-up.

Although online orders for Xbox One were suspended, new units became available this weekend, but have now sold out. A spokesperson for GameStop told Polygon that this was very much a "while supplies last" situation.

Best Buy is not selling Xbox One but still has PlayStation 4 on offer via its website. Yesterday, Amazon announced it could no longer guarantee day one delivery of the new consoles, which are due to launch in November, though no official release dates have been confirmed. Toys R Us has sold out of PlayStation 4, but is still taking orders for Xbox One.