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Sony drops appeal against hacking fine

Sony has ditched plans to appeal against a 250,000 UK pounds fine ($377,000), levied by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) in Britain, for security failures during the PlayStation hacking scandal in 2011.

Back in January, the ICO hit Sony with the fine, stating that the company had been negligent in keeping its data safe. The judgment followed the notorious 2011 hacking attack on PlayStation users and their private information.

"If you are responsible for so many payment card details and log-in details then keeping that personal data secure has to be your priority. In this case that just didn't happen," said ICO's David Smith, following the ruling in January. "When the database was targeted, albeit in a determined criminal attack, the security measures in place were simply not good enough."

At the time, Sony said it would appeal against the fine. But the firm has reversed course, citing concerns about date security.

"After careful consideration we are withdrawing our appeal," offered a Sony spokesperson to U.K. tech site V3. "This decision reflects our commitment to protect the confidentiality of our network security from disclosures in the course of the proceeding. We continue to disagree with the decision on the merits."

"We welcome Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Limited's decision not to appeal our penalty notice following a serious breach of the Data Protection Act," offered the ICO, in a prepared statement.

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