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Pong creator Alcorn offering new 'Siri' mobile game

Allan Alcorn, designer of the original Pong, has launched a Kickstarter for a game he says is "unlike any game you've ever played before."

Seriously?! is an augmented reality game played with a mobile phone or tablet and a deck of cards. A "Siri-like" character acts as games master for the trivia game, which is targeted for iOS and Android. Players hold one of the trivia cards over the phone which scans in a code. The Siri host reads off the answer, while throwing in some extra conversational tidbits.

Alcorn has teamed up with Roger Hector, who also worked at Atari in the 1970s and has spent time with Sega and Disney as well as a more recent position as head of development at Namco Bandai's U.S. operation. The new company is called uGetit.

"This is a game you can play with your friends and a very real virtual character," said Hector, in the Kickstarter promotional video. "You can show them all how smart you really are."

The Kickstarter also comes with a twist. Backers can submit their own trivia questions to be included in the game, along with an in-game credit. "We're raising $100,000 to build this amazing game," said Alcorn. "We've already helped invent and build billions of dollars worth of entertainment, like the first video game, the first 3D game, holographic consoles and hit titles on every major platform for over 30 years."