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Undersea adventure Superfugu set for iPhone on August 1

Superfugu, a highly rated 3D underwater adventure for iPad, is set to release on iPhone on August 1.

The game, by developer WemoLab, stars an eco-warrior pufferfish as it avoids natural predators like tiger sharks. It was launched in May on iPad as a free-to-play but was tweaked and re-released at 0.99 cents in June.

"It's a whimsical underwater, character-driven adventure that makes people smile, " said WemoLab's Ben Miller. "What also makes it stand out is the fact that it's not in set in a magical alien world, it's modeled after real undersea environments." The game was animated by Andy Jones, who worked on the movie Avatar, with ocean science narrated by National Geographic's Dr. Sylvia Earle.

Superfugu is currently rated at 4.7 / 5 on the iOS store. The iPhone version will also be priced at 0.99 cents.

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