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Activision vet Robin Kaminsky joins Trion Worlds board to help with free-to-play transition

Rift developer Trion Worlds has hired former Activision executive Robin Kaminsky to help advise the firm in its transition to the development of free-to-play MMO titles, GamesBeat reports.

Kaminsky previously served as executive vice president of publishing at Activision Blizzard before joining the Trion Worlds board. The studio plans to focus its attention on the growing free-to-play market, having previously spent years developing subscription-based MMOs Rift and Defiance.

"I love their approach to the market," Kaminsky said of Trion Worlds. "They are very much at the cutting edge as an online team. They have put a real emphasis on free-to-play. I believe the future is in online free-to-play games, and so I am excited to be involved with them."

Rift made the move to free-to-play for the first time in June, while microtransactions in Defiance are doing well in the MMO despite the game having difficulty getting off the ground, said Kaminsky who added "It's a learning process." The latter title was launched in conjunction with the Syfy produced television show of the same name, which has proven popular.

"Robin has a wealth of marketing and business experience across technology and games," said Trion Worlds COO Keith Winter. "Her knowledge and instincts are a great match for our needs as we enter the next major phase of the company's business."