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Man arrested for forging government documents to retrieve game account

A Chinese man is facing punishment after forging government documents in an attempt to regain access to his online account for a MOBA game, reports Wenzhou Online.

Hangzhou, Zhejiang province resident Zou was locked out of his "high-level" account for MOBA game Dream Three Kingdoms Online, which he paid $244 to use. Zou could have been locked out of his account because the password may have been set by someone else, the log-in information was stolen or it may have been illegally purchased and resold.

Zou contacted the game's company, Hangzhou Dianhun, but they were unable to restore access to his account. According to the report, customer service told Zou the local security bureau could provide a letter on his behalf stating his ownership of the game. Since Zou purchased his account second hand, however, he did not have the details needed to submit to officials.

Zou then forged a letter from the bureau, but incorrectly named the seal on the document; rather than writing "Nanpu Public Security Bureau," he wrote "PuNan Public Security Bureau" and labeled the document with the incorrect department title. After receiving the letter, Hangzhou Dianhun contacted authorities and Zou was arrested. He is being detained for at least a week and is facing charges of forging an official seal and document.

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