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Ken Levine pushing for Sony and 2K to sign off on BioShock Vita

Ken Levine is still pushing for a BioShock game on the PlayStation Vita, according to a recent tweet from the game designer.

In response to a question about the status of BioShock Vita, Levine said he had recently spoken with both Sony and developer Irrational Games' parent publisher 2K Games about the title. Levine stated he is currently "trying to make a match." When pressed for details, Levine clarified that he is trying to get both companies to sign off on the game.

In February, Levine told Polygon the PS Vita BioShock game was in the hands of "business guys," and that there had been no movement on the title.

"I have business guys who are talking about it," Levine said. "At this point, until they have something, I can't talk [about it]. It's like any business negotiation. If they can find numbers that work [we'll do it]."

BioShock Vita was announced at E3 2011 during Sony's press conference as a new, original game set in the BioShock universe. No movement has been made on the game since, with no development details announced to date.

Polygon has reached out to Levine for more details on the status of BioShock Vita, and will share more information as we have it.

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