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Spanish murderer used spiked bat inspired by Dead Rising 2

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Andreu Coll Tur, an 18-year-old from Alaro, Spain, confessed last week to murdering his wealthy father, Andreu Coll Bennasar Coll, 57, with a weapon inspired by Dead Rising 2, El Mundo reports.

On June 30, Andreu Coll Tur and a friend, Francisco Abas Rodríguez, apparently used a hammer, a vase and bat fashioned with nails on the end to murder Andreu Coll Bennasar. The bat, according to Andreu Coll Tur's confession, was inspired by Dead Rising 2, which allows players to craft a similar object to fend off zombie hordes.

Tur said he'd fashioned the weapon two months ago as a exercise in creativity, not intending it to be used against his father, Diario de Mallorca reports. Tur and Rodríguez apparently met playing Call of Duty online.

According to El Mundo, Andreu Coll Bennasar was worth an estimated €50 million and recently amended his will to make his apparent murderer the sole beneficiary.

"After killing my father, Francisco and I thought I would live better, which would end the harassment," according to a translation of his confession, in which he singled out problems at work.

Rodríguez, who along with Tur apparently doctored the murder scene to make it look like a robbery, believed they'd live together and spend the fortune.

The Spanish case is the latest in a series connecting video game violence and real-world violence, many of which gained attention in the wake of the shootings last December in Newtown, Conn. Recently, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced it is closer to conducting a study on the links between media and real-life violence.

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