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What's in store for World of Warcraft's Proving Grounds

In World of Warcraft's upcoming 5.4 patch, the game's new Proving Grounds area will offer a repeatable scenario for level 90 players — and it all begins with a visit to an NPC, according to a preview post today on

Those who wish to test their skills in the wave-based arena need to visit the Temple of the White Tiger. When you're granted entrance, your gear will scale down, and you'll take on the role of a tank, where you'll need to protect NPCs accompanied by a healer, a damage-inflicter, for those who want to go it alone, or a healer who needs to keep a group of four NPCs alive.

World of Warcraft's Proving Grounds will be available in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Endless modes, and each will unlock as you best the previous tier. As its name implies, Endless mode will last as long as you can, and each tier is replayable, dangling the prospect of achievements and bragging rights for endurance.

Last month, Blizzard announced that raid difficulty will scale on the fly in patch 5.4, depending on the number of players in a group.

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