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American McGee launches Kickstarter for Alice: Otherlands animated series

Alice: Otherlands comes to Kickstarter

Developer American McGee launched a Kickstarter campaign today to fund the acquisition of the film rights and development of a series of short animated films based on the Alice property.

Speaking in a video posted to the Kickstarter campaign (above), McGee said that he has always seen the Alice series as a trilogy and, while the first two Alice adventures were in the form of video games (American McGee's Alice and Alice: Madness Returns), he intends to complete the trilogy through short films.

The animated short(s) will be based on the story of Alice: Otherlands, the third installment in McGee's Alice series. According to the campaign, Alice: Otherlands will see Alice leveraging her superhero-like power to invade the minds of others in 1875 London. McGee hinted in the campaign video that Alice might be able to enter some of the great minds of the time like Mark Twain, Thomas Edison and Charles Darwin, as well as the infamous like Jack the Ripper and the royal like Queen Victoria.

"In this final piece of the story, I imagine we'll see Alice fighting against a larger conspiracy — one that impacts all the inhabitants of London — battling an organization or bad guy intent on capturing all of society in a nightmarish 'prison of the mind,'" McGee wrote. "This is, in effect, a commentary on the soul-crushing birth of industrial society ... but we can and should give it a fantastic twist."

The campaign is asking for $200,000 and, if it is successful, backers will receive "at a minimum, an animated adventure into Otherlands," McGee wrote on the Kickstarter page. "Beyond that, the success of the campaign will bring us one step closer to seeing Alice on the big screen."

McGee announced earlier today the cancelation of Spicy Horse's OZombie Kickstarter campaign so that his studio could focus on pursuing the Alice film rights. The campaign was shut down because of a technicality in Kickstarter's fine print that does not allow users to have multiple projects in development at once. McGee also said that the OZombie campaign was not trending toward success, so the studio decided to turn its attention to Alice. He added that there is a chance the OZombie campaign will return.

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