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Ethereal Entertainment's Faceless postponed

The development of Ethereal Entertainment's Faceless is postponed indefinitely, according to an update by the game's lead promotional designer Adam Sklar on ModDB.

"Many of the original developers left this modification due to personal reasons and weariness of the lack of development on the mod," Sklar wrote. "This is highly understandable and these developers are not to blame at all for the original postponement. The mod is still postponed currently. But please don't stop reading. Some of the original developers like myself still remain with the team and are working to get Faceless back into development."

Pending the recruitment of new development team members, Faceless will reenter development as a "partial reboot."

"Well the story, the style of our Slenderman, will remain the same," Sklar wrote. "It will just be a new team, with some pre-existing members. New maps, new textures, new models, etc. The Slenderman will stay the same and perhaps have some revisions to make it more organic whilst retaining the mysterious style it does."

Based off the Slender Man urban legend that originated on the Something Awful forums in 2006, Faceless is a free-to-play multiplayer survival-horror mod of Half-Life 2. Last November, Valve hesitated at publishing the game on Steam because of copyright concerns with the Slender Man IP. While Ethereal obtained permission from the creator of Slender Man, Something Awful user Victor Surge, Valve required permission from the third party who owns Slender Man's option rights. Faceless was eventually included in the sixth set of Steam Greenlight games announced by Valve in April.

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