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The Dream Machine chapter 4 arriving Aug. 1

Cockroach Inc.'s cardboard-and-clay adventure game, The Dream Machine chapter four will release on Steam on Aug. 1, according Cockroach Inc. founder Anders Gustafsson.

"It ended up being far bigger than we originally anticipated, so large in fact that we had to split it up in two parts," Gustafsson told Joystiq. "So the game now effectively has six chapters instead of five. Who doesn't like an extra chapter, huh?"

Cockroach released an update for the game which included bug fixes, high definition graphics upgrade and added drag'n'drop functionality for close-ups, "so if you want to rearrange the dream diaries for instance, you don't have to go the long way via the inventory flap anymore." Those who purchased previous The Dream Machine chapters will receive future instalments for free. The Dream Machine bundle is currently $8.50 on Steam. Watch the video below to see the latest chapter in action.

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