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Police Quest creator Kickstarts spiritual sequel Precinct

Police Quest series creator Jim Walls launched a Kickstarter campaign today to fund his next, crime-stopping adventure game: Precinct, a first-person spiritual sequel to the classic Sierra series.

Precinct, which Walls and a team of his collaborators are asking for $500,000 to fund, follows a game design reminiscent of the Police Quest series. Players fill the role of rookie cop Maxwell Jones as he fights crime in the town of Fraser Canyon, Calif., fulfilling the procedural duties of his job without straying too far from the rulebook. Jones will need to follow that procedure along every step of a case, from responding to a dispatcher's call to utilizing appropriate force when encountering a dangerous perp.

A brief clip using concept art and animation is included in Precinct's Kickstarter pitch (embedded below), showing off how the game will operate in first person. If the game reaches its goal, the campaign has it pinned for a June 2014 launch; anyone who gives at least $30 to the campaign will secure a digital copy of Precinct after it's released on PC, Mac and — if it manages to reach certain stretch goals — Linux, iOS, Android, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

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