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Report: Apple looking to purchase company behind Xbox 360's Kinect sensor

Apple is looking to purchase 3D sensor and chip developer Primesense, the company behind Microsoft's Kinect motion control peripheral for the Xbox 360, reports Calcalist.

According to the report, Apple has offered $280 million for the Israeli company following talks of including Primesense's technology in Apple's products.

Primesense worked with Microsoft to develop the Kinect for Xbox 360, which is powered by Primesense's chips. The company's 3D-scanning technology has also been incorporated into more than 20 million devices worldwide, including smartphones, tablets and portable scanners.

In the past, Primesense has focused on creating components for use in gaming technology, but recently the company worked with computer vendor ASUS to provide 3D sensors for its WAVI Xtion PC with a motion sensing camera. Primesense has also created projects for the healthcare, robots and retail sectors.

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