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2013 PlayStation Mobile GameJam winner hits PlayStation Mobile

Hermit Crab in Space, winner of the 2013 PlayStation Mobile GameJam, is available now for PlayStation Mobile, Gold Ruby Games president Michael Christatos announced via the PlayStation Blog.

In Hermit Crab in Space, players take control of a lone crab as he fights his way through a hostile galaxy. The goal is to return home while scavenging ship parts from local refuse. According to Christatos, the game was inspired by Minecraft and StarFox in terms of graphics and gameplay.

"What we wanted was to give gamers a cute character that they would feel compelled to go on a journey with," Christatos wrote. "The game's look is very cartoonish, and that was deliberate because we wanted to make players think that the game was going to be easier than it really was."

Hermit Crab in Space was created during the IndieCade East GameJam and crowned the 2013 Mobile winner at GDC 2013. The full list of compatible devices is available here. You can pick up Hermit Crab in Space for $2.79 via the PlayStation Store.

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