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Here are the enhancements coming to State of Decay's PC version

State of Decay, Undead Labs' zombie-infused action game, is headed to Windows PC via Steam's Early Access program with several improvements over its Xbox 360 version, according to a series of tweets from the developer.

Releasing State of Decay through Early Access means that players will be able to play the game as the developers create it, just like games like Bohemia Interactive's Arma 3 and Squad's Kerbal Space Program have done since the program's launch earlier this year. The PC version of the game will also include enhanced graphics, support for higher resolutions and an increased frame rate. Although the game won't ship with official mod tools, Undead Labs will "have no objection" to players creating their own mods.

Though there's no official release date for the PC version, another tweet from Undead Labs revealed that the PC version "will be out before the end of the year." For more on the Xbox 360 version of the game, be sure to check out Polygon's State of Decay review.

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