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Super Time Force gameplay trailer warps the fabric of time itself

A new trailer for Capybara Games' bullet-hell platformer Super Time Force shows the game's mind-bending time-travel gameplay in action.

The player controls a single member of the titular Super Time Force like Lady Sniper, Jef Leppard or Lou Don Jim, and can pause time to change characters at any moment. The player can also rewind time either upon character death or at his or her choosing, allowing another character to fight alongside the time ghost of the player's previous actions.

At PAX East earlier this year, Capybara co-founder Nathan Vella told Polygon that while original versions of the game sent players back to the beginning of the level to fight alongside their previous ghosts, the new continuous-play mechanic was developed to keep players in the action for longer.

Super Time Force will release sometime this year on Xbox Live Arcade.