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Dutch studio Vogelsap bringing The Flock to Gamescom

Samit Sarkar (he/him) is Polygon’s deputy managing editor. He has more than 15 years of experience covering video games, movies, television, and technology.

Vogelsap, an indie studio based in the Netherlands, released the first screenshots of its eerie multiplayer game The Flock today, and will be bringing the title to Gamescom.

The studio describes The Flock as an asymmetrical first-person multiplayer title based on suspense. Set on a desolate Earth in the year 3000, the game sounds like a thrilling and foreboding game of tag. Each player begins as one of the Flock, lethal creatures that can leap high into the air and run quickly. They're all running around looking for a light artifact known as a solar capsule, and once one player picks it up, they become the Carrier. The object of the game is to hold onto the capsule and stay alive as the Carrier for as long as possible.

The Carrier is much weaker than the Flock, but the capsule gives it a key advantage: The artifact will instantly burn to death any moving Flock that's caught in the beam of light it emits. So the Flock creatures have to either remain still or sneak up on the Carrier from behind, since the beam only shoots out in one direction.

Today's screenshots show off an art style that resembles the concept art Vogelsap showed in a teaser trailer it released this past May; you can watch the video below. The Flock is in development on Windows PC.

Vogelsap consists of eight second-year students at the Utrecht School of the Arts in Utrecht, Netherlands. The studio also said today that the Dutch Game Garden, a nonprofit group that supports game development in the Netherlands, has chosen The Flock as one of the games in the organization's Indigo exhibition at Gamescom next month.

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