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How the highest-paid eSports pros' six-figure winnings stack up

The tournament earnings of the highest-paid professional eSports players reach as high as six figures, according to eSports Earnings' ranking of the top 100 players and their competitive gaming cash hauls.

The list shows that more than 60 eSports players have earned over $100,000 in prizes from tournaments, not counting sponsorship deals or income made through livestreaming practice matches.

Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, who is considered one of the world's first professional competitive gamers, is number one on the list with a total of $454,544.98 earned from 35 tournaments. Wendel has earned several sponsorship deals with major hardware companies and earned a name for himself in the arena with his prowess in first-person shooters.

Second on the list is Lee "Flash" Young Ho, a successful StarCraft: Brood War player from Korea who has earned $437,114.53 in 40 tournaments. Right behind him is Jung Jong Hyun, four-time global StarCraft 2 League champion, who has made $377,116.37 from playing in 42 tournaments.

Check out the full list of the top-earning eSports players here.

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