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Battlefield 3 easter egg referring to former designer discovered after two years

Almost two years after the game's launch, another easter egg has been unearthed in Battlefield 3, this time referring to former DICE developer and Battlefield lead designer David Goldfarb.

The easter egg, dug up by YouTube user "Jackfrags," is related to audio messages played when spotting anti-aircraft. Under very specific conditions, players can listen to a special message recorded by Thomas Danke, who does voiceover work for the series.

"We have spotted a hostile Goldfarb in your area," the message says. "I repeat, hostile Goldfarb in your area. Proceed with extreme caution."

Goldfarb left DICE last June. He is currently serving as creative director at Overkill Software on Payday 2.

"Jackfrags" seems to be the first player to record the message, which he found in a rip of the game's files. Watch how he found the easter egg and listen to it yourself in the video above.

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