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DuckTales Remastered trailer visits the snowy Himalayas

A new trailer for WayForward's HD remake of the classic DuckTales platformer shows off the new and improved Himalayas stage.

Narrated by sort-of-ace pilot Launchpad McQuack and laden with snow-related puns, the trailer shows the sort of obstacles Scrooge and players can expect to face in their quest for the Crown of Genghis Khan. Aside from poor traction on the slippery ground, the local wildlife, like the giant spiders and mountain goats, will attack on a whim.

The remade Himalayas level will also feature a confrontation with Scrooge's Scottish nemesis, Flintheart Glombgold.

DuckTales Remastered hits Wii U eShop, Steam and PlayStation Network on Aug 13, and Xbox Live on Sept 11.