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End of Nations alpha servers back online after MOBA switch

End of Nations, the online real-time strategy game turned multiplayer online battle arena title, is back online for players on the alpha servers, Trion Worlds announced via press release.

Announced in 2010 as an online RTS, End of Nations made the jump to a MOBA title last week. With the recent change, the game now features updated visuals, more powerful heroes, an improved user interface and more. Teams will now operate with two to four players, who will focus on achieving specific objectives.

According to Scot Lane, the game's executive producer, End of Nations' "core fans" have had a great impact on the game's early development.

"We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our last round of Alpha and Beta testing — and applied those learnings to the game, boiling it down to the strongest core game elements — tactical combat, session-based gameplay, and vastly improved hero units," Lane said. "We are now confident we have the game the fans have been waiting for: a tremendously powerful tactical game that fans of war games and strategy will love."

End of Nations is currently in development and undergoing invite-only beta testing. Registration is still open to those interested in applying to join.

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