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New Phoenix Wright trailers introduce a jailbird prosecutor

Capcom has released a pair of new trailers and a bunch of new screenshots showing the investigation and court gameplay segments of its upcoming Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney — Dual Destinies.

The first trailer, seen above, pits defense attorney Apollo Justice and sidekick Athena Cykes up against prosecutor Simon Blackquill, a convicted criminal with a penchant for swords and a pet hawk. This is our first English-language introduction to Blackquill; he was originally revealed in a Japanese-language trailer back in May.

The second trailer features Apollo and Athena investigating what appears to be the murder of series protagonist Phoenix Wright at the hands of a giant bird monster. Unlike previous games in the series, where investigation was limited to a single perspective of the hand-drawn environment per scene, Dual Destinies allows the player to change the camera angle in order to see full rooms, or to look below and around objects.

Dual Destinies will be released as a digital download on the Nintendo 3DS this fall.

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