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Beyond Good and Evil 2 was 'too big' for current consoles

Beyond Good and Evil 2 would have been "too big" for the current generation of consoles in terms of its player freedom, creator Michel Ancel told IGN during a recent Rayman Legends event.

Speaking with site, Ancel explained that the team wants to "try again" at making the game — not "just a sequel," but instead something "that really makes all the ideas that we had for the first one possible now with these consoles."

"I think we were doing something too big for this period," Ancel said. "Honestly, it was too challenging to put that on [current] consoles. I don't say the consoles were not good enough, I don't say the team was not good enough, but you have to scale what you want to do and the console itself."

According to Ancel, making the game bigger means giving players more freedom. Players don't want to investigate a story that's simply been written by developers.

"My feeling is that you want to investigate with your own way of investigating," Ancel said. "I like the freedom of choosing your vehicles, flying away with the spaceship and all those things."

Little has been said officially about Beyond Good and Evil 2, though Ubisoft did reassure fans in 2012 that work on the project slowly continues.

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