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505 Games will publish mod-focused shooter Rekoil

505 Games to publish Rekoil

505 Games will publish Plastic Piranha's multiplayer first-person shooter, Rekoil, on Windows PC and Xbox Live later this year, the publisher announced today.

The FPS is focused on infantry-based combat across numerous locations without kill streaks or perks — its developers have said that the game is a "pure" shooting experience where players fire weapons at other players and rely solely on skill to win.

Modding is also a prominent feature of the game. Speaking to Polygon last year, Plastic Piranha CEO Jason Brice said Rekoil will have mod tools available on day one, which will allow players to fully edit and make their own mods and custom maps.

"We strongly encourage that," he said. "I would imagine we're going to see our own version of a pro mod at some point."

Piranha Games said in a statement that joining 505 Games was a "no brainer" because, in the studio's opinion, it is "the most indie friendly publisher in the industry today."

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