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Arcade puzzler Magnetized clones removed on XBLIG, Google Play

Plagiarized versions of indie developer Rocky Hong's arcade puzzle game, Magnetized, have been identified and removed from Google Play and Xbox Live Indie Games, the developer announced via his blog.

Hong released a true copy of the free-to-play game on Kongregate. Attention was drawn to the clones after posted a story about the XBLIG version of Magnetized, then believed to be a legitimate copy created by Connect Media UG. Hong replied in turn that the game was in fact an illegal version, and unlike his copy, came at a $1 price.

Appearing on's original article, a commenter claiming to be part of Connect wrote that they attempted to contact the developer about the port. After apparently receiving no response, the commenter wrote that they "thought [Hong] did not care about Magnetized anymore" and pursued development. The commenter offered the developer profits from the game, though Hong has since declined via his blog.

Despite the illegal copies being taken down, Hong wrote, the problem is far from being solved. The developer noted that similar situations happen to developers everywhere and that it's not just a personal case. Hong added that he hopes everyone will pay more attention to copyrights in the future to help create a better, safer environment for creators.

"And no matter what it is, music, videos, images, sounds, games ... etc," Hong wrote, "every creation is invaluable, whoever created them deserves the rights and [has] the same duty to fight for their rights.

"I believe that a creator can hardly create a masterpiece in a dangerous creative environment. I also believe that if creators stop [trying] to innovate just because they are afraid of plagiarization, then this world would be extremely horrible."

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