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Good Cop, Bad Cop: Sony's PS4 launch lineup

Sony's first-party launch launch lineup is safe.

The company will offer a shooter (Killzone: Shadow Fall), a driving game (DriveClub), a minigame collection (The Playroom) and a family game (Knack). Publicists described the catalogue as "something for everyone," and though nothing is wildly innovative, nothing appears to be excruciatingly awful.

These games are designed to accomplish the tacit goal of a next-generation launch game: look like the future.

Both Knack and The Playroom (which is not officially a game, so it doesn't officially have a release date yet) look like playable DreamWorks Animation films. Killzone has more color than its predecessors, which is a real improvement for a shooter associated with a neutral palette (and yes, I remember the jungle level from Killzone 3 that made liberal use of the color red). And DriveClub is an expensive racing game, and it's really hard to make an expensive racing game look bad.

But how do these games feel? Is there more to them than good looks? Are these PlayStation games (whips off sunglasses) four real? We sent Good Cop, Bad Cop to find out.

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