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Bohemia Interactive's Take On Mars gameplay trailer soothes the inner explorer

The new gameplay trailer for Bohemia Interactive's Mars exploration simulator, Take On Mars, highlights the game's interface, controls and rover customization options.

In Take On Mars, players can drive rovers and landers around a simulation of the red planet's surface while performing scientific analysis. Missions include documenting observations, analyzing rocks and soil samples, as well as assessing the atmosphere and radiation hazards for possible future colonization of the planet.

According to the game's project lead, Martin Melicharek, the simulation of Mars was created as realistically as possible using known data about Mars, including the planet's temperatures, air pressure, day/night cycles and time. The in-game rovers were also modelled from real-world information.

For more about Take On Mars, read our hands-on preview where we chat to Melicharek. The Windows PC title is set to launch on Aug. 1 as an Early Access title on Steam, with free downloadable content to follow shortly after to allow players to explore one of Mars' moons.

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