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New consoles woo public with first airing at Comic-Con

Consumers are enjoying their first sampling of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this week at Comic-Con, as Sony and Microsoft present playable demos to the public for the first time.

On both booths, lines were capped at around an hour's wait, with players able to try Knack, Octodad and Driveclub on PlayStation 4 and Ryse: Son of Rome and Killer Instinct for Xbox One

Polygon had an opportunity to talk to a few of the players as they finished their ten minute play-through.

"The controller feels a lot easier in my hand than the old DualShock," said Colin Rosenberg from Chicago, after playing Knack. "I liked Knack because it reminded me of Katamari and God of War." Knack features a robot that can change its size and constitution by adding elements of the environment to its body mass.


"The controller feels much improved," said Eric Woods from Washington D.C. "It had a heavier, more ergonomic feel and I like what they have done with the triggers which feel more solid."

"Knack looks very clean and feels different than I had expected," said Aran Bush of Forth Worth, Tex. "The transitions between scenes is seamless; I love the way the controller feels as well."


On the Xbox One booth, Killer Instinct players used an arcade-style rig for the play-through, so their observations were restricted to the game itself. "The colors were brilliant, really bright and sharp," said Angela Miller from Dallas, Tex. "I liked it a lot."

Avowed Xbox fan Joseph Brown from Los Angeles, CA. added, "The rapid movement and smooth textures look good. It'sa big improvement on the Xbox 360."

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