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PS4 will support PS3 wireless headsets

The upcoming PlayStation 4 console will support previous generation PlayStation 3 wireless headsets, a Sony official at San Diego Comic-Con told Polygon.

PS4 consoles will still ship with their own mono headset in earbud form comparatively, late last month Microsoft confirmed no Xbox One headset will be included in the base system of the console as the system will instead emphasize Kinect-driven voice inputs. Unlike PS4, previous-generation headsets will not be compatible with Xbox One controllers due to a new headset adapter port.

PlayStation 4 is slated to release this November for $399. Sony is debuting the console during this week's Comic-Con International: San Diego, giving attendees the opportunity to go hands-on with the next-gen system.

We've reached out to Sony for full confirmation and will update the piece when further information is available.

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