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Sony memorabilia auction winner accused of cheating for trophies

PlayStation Network user "Redsoxfan95" is currently under investigation for possibly cheating to obtain PlayStation 3 and Vita trophies, then using them to bid on items in Sony's Bid for Greatness campaign, reports GameTrailers.

Bid for Greatness launched yesterday, an online auction that allows PSN users to bid on props and costumes from Sony's recent "Greatness Awaits" commercial with gold PSN trophies. The person who bets the most gold trophies wins the item, and the trophies used in the winning bid cannot be used again during the auction. The first auction was for a Killzone: Shadow Fall costume, which went to high bidder "Redsoxfan95" for 1,050 gold trophies.

Trophy tracking site PSN Profiles tweeted that the profile for "Redsoxfan95" looked suspicious, and accused the PSN user of "using illegitimate methods to obtain trophies." PlayStation Lifestyle looked at the user's Gamer Card, and discovered that he had gone from 6,500 trophies to 14,000 trophies in a single day. The Card also shows that "Redsoxfan95" earned 8,000 trophies between the middle of November 2012 and Jan. 2, 2013.

Late last night, PlayStation Digital Platforms community manager Morgan Haro tweeted that he was planning to "look in to this with the teams and we'll examine."

We have reached out to Sony for details on the company's course of action, and will share more details as we have them.

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