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Echro One lets you battle hedgehogs in underground caverns

Indie developer Cellusious released Echro One yesterday, a game about adventuring through a treasure-packed underground cavern and battling giant hedgehogs.

Echro is, according to the developer, an "action roguelike role-playing game" with strategy elements and mechanics involving charging enemies and shooting missiles. Players can control their character using the mouse only — left click is a forward attack, right click is to move backwards and both directionals are used to aim and shoot. There is a short cooldown after each move, similar to turn-based battle systems.

The game takes place in a series of brown rooms populated with tiny hedgehogs that you must defeat, and in some cases one giant "mother" hedgehog. Players must also collect items scattered through the rooms, which grant status buffers, speed and health boosts and help lessen damage taken. There are also missiles imbued with different elements scattered throughout the environment that will add more power to attacks.

"Echro is feature complete, a perfect base for doing what I loved to do when I was younger, and for the first time in over 10 years I smiled," the developer wrote on the game's official website.

"After being bullied all my life, I just stopped caring about myself, and became an artist to fill the space instead," the developer continued, noting that building the base of the game was the "fun part." "Adding content, I smiled brighter than the sun. That's what Echro is about."

Cellusious notes that more items, shops, enemies and other content will continue to be added to Echro. The game is free to download through the developer's website, and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Players can also give feedback and suggest new items to be added to the game, as well as purchase art from the developer, which comes in the form of assets that can be used in players' copies of Echro.

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