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PlanetSide 2 'Implants' plans scrapped amidst player complaints

PlanetSide 2 creator Sony Online Entertainment's plans to incorporate temporary, purchasable "Implants" into the online shooter will be revised following complaints from the game's community, SOE president John Smedley announced on Twitter yesterday.

Implants would be consumable, providing temporary benefits to the players who purchased them either with in-game or real-life currency. The latter method of acquisition worried some players, as the buffs — which provided abilities like invisibility to enemy radar and enhanced enemy-spotting capabilities — could lead to a pay-to-win divide among the player base.

Yesterday, Smedley said that Implants would be reworked internally, and wouldn't be included in the game's upcoming update.

Planetside 2's next update, GU13, will launch later this month.

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