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GDC Europe sessions include Wii U, Hitman: Absolution talks

Panels on developing Wii U software and Hitman: Absolution are among the list of sessions scheduled for GDC Europe 2013 next month, the event's organizers announced recently.

Nintendo of Europe representatives will give two lectures about developing on Wii U. "Nintendo Wii U Application Development with HTML and JavaScript" will focus on the ways in which those programming languages allow people to cut down development time and take advantage of the Wii U's unique hardware. In "Unity, Wii U and You," a Nintendo of Europe engineer and a Unity Technologies developer will discuss the benefits of using the Unity engine to make Wii U games.

The crowd AI in IO Interactive's Hitman: Absolution played an important role in making the game world believable, and in "Creating the AI for the Living, Breathing World of Hitman: Absolution," a developer will explain how the studio created lifelike animation and AI for the stealth title's non-player characters.

GDC Europe will also offer a talk from DeNA-owned Scattered Entertainment, "Reflections on a Distributed and Manager-Less Work Environment," which will focus on the nature of working as a developer when the team is spread out and there are no managers.

GDC Europe runs from Aug. 19-21 in Cologne, Germany, immediately before Gamescom.

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