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Chess 2: The Sequel coming exclusively to Ouya

Designer David Sirlin and game studio Ludeme Games are working to develop a streamlined version of chess, which they're calling Chess 2: The Sequel, exclusively to Ouya.

According to the developer, Chess 2 unifies the aspect of the classic game while offering "fixes" to issues that are known frustrations throughout the chess community.

"Compared to chess, Chess 2 relies much less on memorized openings and more on positional play," reads a blurb from the studio. "There are fewer draws, and the asymmetric gameplay with multiple match ups keeps the game fresh and interesting from the very first move."

Unlike classic chess which allows players to control one set of pieces, Chess 2 gives players a choice of six different armies to play. This results in a possible 21 match-ups, which means memorizing opening moves is impractical and instead the focus turns to positional and tactical play. The game also includes a new win condition beyond your usual checkmates, when the player crosses the midline with their king. You can check out the rules in full right here.

Chess 2: The Sequel is scheduled to launch near the end of 2013.

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