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More than 100 Xbox One consoles playable at EB Games Expo 2013

For the first time in Australia, the public will be able to get hands-on with Microsoft's Xbox One at EB Games Expo 2013, Microsoft announced during its Xbox One presentation at PAX Australia tonight.

According to Microsoft, approximately 100 consoles will be available to public at EB Games Expo so they can get hands-on with the hardware. The company's presentation at PAX Australia tonight included Kinect 2.0 and hardware demos, including live gameplay of Ryse, Kiler Instinct and Battlefield 4.

PAX Australia is currently underway at the Melbourne Showgrounds and runs from July 19-21, where Polygon is in attendance. EB Games Expo 2013 will take place at the Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney, Australia from Oct. 4-6, 2013.

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