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Homestuck creator developing Namco High dating sim

Namco Bandai is teaming up with webcomic creator Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin Studios to develop Namco High, a new browser-based dating sim based around characters from various Namco Bandai franchises.

Produced under the supervision of Andrew Hussie, best know as creative director behind Homestuck, the browser game will feature a high school populated with video game characters that the player can presumably develop relationships with.

"There is no creator with more of a vibrant originality right now than Andrew Hussie," said ShiftyLook producer Rob Pereyda. "We are beyond excited to see where he takes these characters and the unique relationships that will literally unfold between them."

Namco High will release onto pre-Holiday 2013. Check out our in-depth feature on Homestuck, a webcomic inspired by video games.

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