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State of Decay sandbox mode will test how long players can last

The upcoming add-on sandbox mode for Undead Labs' State of Decay is designed to test how long players can survive a zombie apocalypse without the limitations imposed by a storyline, according to a recent post on the developer's blog.

Undead Labs views surviving the zombie apocalypse as a war of attrition, and once resources have been used or a person dies, they are gone forever. A game that truly tests survival skills will not have respawning supplies. Players will scavenge houses, lose allies and run their stores into the ground before having to pick up and move on to a new location — which is also infested with zombies.

"'Could I survive a zombie attack?'" Undead Labs' Geoffrey Card wants players to ask themselves. "There are scores of games that raise this question, and some answer it very well. But State of Decay takes a different tack: 'Could I survive the zombie apocalypse?' We're not just talking about five minutes of pulse-pounding horror. The question is, could I build a community in the aftermath and survive for years?

"We want to create a setting where players can answer that question, not just until the story is exhausted, but indefinitely," Card added.

According to Card's post, the DLC has been designed to move players deeper into dangerous areas and more difficult scenarios. Players can survive indefinitely, but only if they are willing to keep moving into increasingly zombie-overrun, lethal areas. Eventually the only areas untouched by survivors will be home to the biggest and deadliest zombie crowds, which players will have to tackle if they want to keep on living.

Undead Labs promised more details on the sandbox DLC are coming soon. Read our interview with studio founder Jeff Strain and learn more about Undead's plans for State of Decay here.

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