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It's ninja vs. robots in seven-minute Strider gameplay video

A new video from San Diego Comic-Con is seven straight minutes of raw gameplay from the recently announced new Strider game.

In the video, Strider Hiryu is tasked with infiltrating Kazakh City, which he does in the least-subtle way possible: a frontal attack. The trailer shows some of the "Metroidvania" style gameplay, with branching paths not taken shown on the minimap and newly-acquired skills used to open doors. Strider gains access to abilities that allow him to deflect ranged projectiles with properly-timed melee attacks, set enemies on fire with his blade, or to have an orbiting drone that attacks enemies when he does.

Strider is planned to hit in early 2014 on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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