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Sony teases Evil Reborn in Blair Witch-like videos

Sony is teasing something evil for the PlayStation 3.

Twice this week on the official PlayStation 3 YouTube account, Sony posed cryptic videos teasing "Evil Reborn" — or #EvilReborn, as it's hashtagged in each. According to the fiction in the YouTube description, it's a "strange phenomena on PS3s worldwide," and the videos came to Sony via an "anonymous contact."

You can check out the first video above (called "First Signs" and posted Wednesday) and its sequel below (called "Possessed " and posted today). Both are shot like The Blair Witch Project for maximum creepy authenticity. Neither video quite says what evil rebirth is headed to the PS3, but if you take a moment to parse the pre-roll SD card number before the first video (DBL111PST3) we think you'll find a clue.

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