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Fable Anniversary's fan-made achievement winner

Lionhead Studios announced the winner of the Fable Anniversary fan-made achievement contest today, and players will earn "Are you not entertained!?" for completing all eight rounds of the wave-based Arena quest without taking a break.

"Khaos Archangel," whose name will appear in the remake's credits, won the contest with a total of 1,585 votes, according to a post on the developer's website.

Lionhead announced the contest in early June and chose five finalists for the final round of voting. Runners up included "Farticus" (Pass gas on Whisper in the Crucible before deciding her fate), "... Not as I do" (As a boy, tell on the man for cheating on his wife. Later on, cheat on your own wife.), "Filet Minion" (Kill a minion with fire) and Jack of All Blades (Obtain every melee weapon in the game, excluding Avo's Tear or the Sword of Aeons).

Fable Anniversary, an HD remake of the series original 2005 entry, is headed to Xbox 360 this holiday season. For more on the game, you can read Polygon's interview with lead designer Ted Timmins.

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