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Comic-Con crowd chooses next Tekken Revolution character

At Comic-Con today, Tekken franchise director Katsuhiro Harada asked his audience to choose the next character to appear in PlayStation 3 free-to-play fighter Tekken Revolution.

For the last week, visitors to the game's Facebook page have been invited to vote for one of ten possible options, including 'Giant Praying Mantis', 'Salmon;' and 'Run-of-the-Mill Old Man.' The top three options were presented today, for a final vote.

The top three were classic character Shin Kamiya, a sexually suggestive character called 'Sexy Female Tekken Force' and 'Female Vampire'.

Rooting for teenage male character Shin Kamiya, one fan spoke from the audience. "He is an established character," she said. "I'd like to see how he is developed." But there was little enthusiasm for Shin Kamiya, with only a smattering of applause for his inclusion.

In a stark demonstration of how the genders differ in the fighting game genre, many men voted with applause for 'Sexy Female Tekken Force.' A middle-aged man spoke up for her stating that she is "sexy and looks like she is built to fight." This remark was greeted with much derision from the audience.

'Female Vampire' attracted the most applause, with a clear weighting from the heavy female contingent in the crowd. It was a man, though, who spoke up for this character from the audience, saying that she fitted in with the franchise's fantastical theme, and that more female characters were needed.

Even so, 'Female Vampire' described as a "young girl imprisoned by the Rochefort family" is hardly a model for feminism, sporting lacy stockings, roses around her angles, a short jerkin and a porno-surprise facial expression.

But Harada seemed to be enjoying himself. "We hope you enjoyed helping us choose the next character," he said. "She should be ready by the Fall. It;s been a lot of fun for us too."

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