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Former Electronic Arts Play4Free VP joins the makers of Eve Online

Electronic Arts' former Play4Free vice president Sean Decker has joined Eve Online developer CCP Games as the senior vice president of product development, the company announced via press release.

Decker will work from the company's Atlanta-based studio to oversee CCP's development in Reykjavik, Newcastle and Shanghai. Decker's previous experience includes work on the Battlefield, Mirror's Edge, Medal of Honor and Command and Conquer franchises.

Speaking about the hire, CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson said he expects Decker to be "extremely valuable" as Eve Online continues into its second decade of play.

"The next few years will be the most important in the company's history, as we build on the launch of Dust 514, expand Eve Online, continue development on World of Darkness and kick start our efforts in mobile gaming," Petursson said.