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Mobile Watch List - League of Evil 3, Block Block Block and Layton Brothers

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The mobile train keeps chuggin' with three new games.

League of Evil 3 (iOS)

Even though touch controls make Super Meat Boy-esque platformers a bit of a challenge on mobile devices, the League of Evil series compensates better than most. The third installment adds new traps and sharable video replays.

Block Block Block (Android / iOS)

This simple puzzle game gets increasingly complex, as you struggle to match three similarly-colored squares in a certain number of moves. I felt like a genius in the first few levels, but quickly descended into dummyville by level 20.

Layton Brothers: Mystery Room (iOS)

This strange spin-off seemingly mixes the crime-solving skills of Phoenix Wright with the logic puzzles of Professor Layton. It's an odd blend, sure, but well worth a download, especially with the free-to-play price tag.