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Kongregate unveils first five games for its $10M indie mobile developers initiative

The first mobile games to be published under Kongregate's $10 million mobile developers initiative are Synapse Games' Tyrant: Unleashed, RedPoint Labs and Making Fun's BloodRealm, Lingplay's Sheep Happens, White Milk Games' Endless Boss Fight and Randomnine Ltd's Cardinal Quest 2, the company announced today.

Tyrant: Unleashed will launch in July, while the remaining four games will see a release "later this summer" and all five titles will be free-to-play with in-app purchases. Additional games will be announced later this year.

Synapse Games' collectible card game, Tyrant: Unleashed, features cooperative and competitive guild play. Alex Reeve, founder and CEO of Synapse Games, said in a prepared statement that Kongregate did a "phenomenal job" in guiding the team through the game's development without infringing the studio's "core design philosophy."

The program's other launch titles includes 2D puzzle runner Sheep Happens and Endless Boss Fight, where players must fight against a tank for as long as they can. The game launched in February. Also featured in the line-up is collectible card game Blood Realm, released in August, 2012, and role-playing game Cardinal Quest 2.

GameStop announced the Kongregate Mobile Developers program in February as an initiative to promote indie game development of free-to-play mobile games. Headed by former Zynga general manager Panayoti Haritatos, the program consists of a $10 million fund to support developers, a consultation program and a GameStop app redesigned to better promote the titles. For more about the initiative, read our report where we talk to Haritatos about how the program will help indie developers.

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