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Divekick video parodies game development and showcases gameplay

The latest video from Iron Galaxy Studios and One Game Studios for fighting game parody, Divekick, makes light of game development and showcases the title's two button-based gameplay.

Divekick is a two button-based fighting game with no directional movement, and features one-hit kills. It was revealed in May that former special advisor at Capcom and current producer at Sony Santa Monica Studio, Seth "S-Kill" Killian, joined the parody fighting game's roster of characters. S-Kill will feature as the final boss in the game's story mode and will also be playable with his own unique set of moves.

Divekick's remaining roster of 13 includes the game's two main characters, Dive and Kick, and outlandish fighters such as a cigar-loving pregnant skunk bear; Mr. N, the morbidly obese sensei; a colour-coded ninja henchmen-hating fighter from a parallel universe called Kung Pao; and Alex Jefailey, an amoral egomaniac.

Unveiled in January and originally planned for a Spring release, the game is scheduled for launch on PlayStation 3, PS Vita and Windows PC sometime this Summer. It is currently on Steam Greenlight compiling votes.

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