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Worms: Clan Wars to offer full Steam Workshop support from launch

Team17 doesn't intend on releasing downloadable content for Windows PC-exclusive title, Worms: Clan Wars, but the game will feature full Steam Workshop support from launch, according to a Strategy Informer interview with lead designer Gavin Hood.

"... we've got full Steam Workshop support out of the box planned for the game so people can make their own items, make their own speech banks, make Clan outfits and share all these," Wood told Strategy Informer. "Post launch but within the launch window we're going to release a Mission Toolkit, so we give all players access to the contraptions and the machinery."

Officially unveiled at Rezzed, Worms: Clan Wars is slated for a Q3 2013 release exclusively for Windows PC. Team17 is currently looking for closed beta Steam participants and interested gamers are invited to download and fill out this form.

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