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Daylight footage shows a creepy world influenced by the Japanese horror genre

In Daylight, players will sift through a sinister world heavily influenced by the Japanese horror genre, with more emphasis on the game's psychological elements, according to a developer interview from E3 last month.

In the video above, PlayStation's Sid Shuman and developer Zombie Studios' Jared Gerritzen discuss the premise of Daylight and what players can expect from the horror title. Each time players take on Daylight, they will have a different experience. But each time they play, players will uncover different pieces of the game's mystery: who is the player, and what has happened in this dark, creepy world?

According to Gerritzen, Japanese horror is more "subtle," and the studio has swapped out blood, guts and gore for a more twisted, quiet, simmering terror that it hopes will get players' heart rates up. Players will be equipped with a cellphone — their main source of light — to maneuver the environment. Players can also pick up glow sticks to find clues and flares that will "scare away ghosts" shadowing the player.

Gerritzen says the game was originally going to be released as an episodic structure, but the team decide to package the title as a complete game for PlayStation 4 instead. Watch the full video above for a look at Daylight in action, and read Polygon's impressions of the game here.

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